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At Devious Panda, we craft surprisingly creative technology solutions. We build for consumers, mostly, but we are available to use our experience to help you get the most from your technology resources. We use cutting edge tools and bend technology to our will in our pursuit of next-generation solutions. Devious Panda applies an experienced and skeptical eye to help our clients understand their needs, and the technologies that can best serve them.

  • Ruby
  • Tech Love
  • Code

Mobile Application

Whosit is a new, consumer-oriented, look at a contact-relationship management (CRM) tool. We focus on building a tool that augments your phone's built-in tools by layering a shadow contact book over the top of native tools: on-device archives, online backups, changelogs, and syncronized sharing.

Salmon Finder
Mobile Application

Salmon Finder helps anyone who visits Alaksa trying to find anc catch salmon (and related species). We repackage Alaska Department of Fish & Game's salmon migration data in a manner that is much more user-friendly.

Boomr for iOS
Back-end Web Application

Boomr is a social media app designed to allow the sharing of image and video moments in the future. Our work focused on feature development and API performance enhancements

The Human Race (Documentary Film)
Full-Stack Web

The Human Race is a documentary film, produced by actress, writer, and producer Liz Vassey. Our work was digital marketing: website, social media, digital marketing, etc.

Full Stack & Mobile

Balehu helps small business connect with their customers via an easy-to-use web social media management tool, and a detailed local search tool for consumers. Our work was involved throughout the suite of tools.

How Devious Panda can help

Devious Panda provides a range of tehnical services to our clients. We specialize in coaxing the best from the technology you already use and integrating new, cutting-edge technology alongside your existing infrastructure.

  • Full-Stack Web Development

    We specialize in building custom web-based applications from user experience to data storage, and everything in-between.

  • Mobile Apps

    Our expertise extends to developing custom applications for iOS and Android utilizing a wide range of technologies and frameworks.

  • Technology Consulting

    Devious Panda supports our clients with technology purchases and project architecture decisions.

  • Code Review &
    Due Diligence

    We provide our investor-clients with a complete code-review, useful in analyzing pre-investment risk and opportunity.

  • Cloud Migrations

    From the smallest virtual server, to the largest, VPN-based private network, our experience can help deploy your infrastructure to the major cloud providers.

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